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Wholesale Products 
now available from Delisserie Central


Salt Beef Raw

Salt Beef Cooked

Brisket Raw

NY Style Pastrami

Beef Pastrami Bacon

Pulled Beef Brisket

Chuck Minced Beef

Uncooked Beef & Baby Back Ribs

Smoked Beef & Baby Back Ribs
Chopped Liver


Vegetable Burgers
Smoked Chicken Breast

Cod Gougons

Salmon Fishcakes

Tuna in Oil

Real Mayonaise

Prep Ultra Oil

Rapeseed Oil

Knorr Boullion (Chicken, Veg, Fish)

Chopped Tomatoes

Washed Skin on Potatoes

Variety of Sauces & Mustards

Variety of Spices

Liquid Smoke

NY Style Cheesecake


For further details or to place an order
please contact Justin on 07717214829

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